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    Stock Picks for 2008!

    A new year signals a new beginning! Last year's market conditions can best be described as tumultuous but investors were still able to make a reasonable return. What does 2008 hold for us? Most analysts predict a tougher year ahead but if you make smart choices based on the quality of the company you're investing in, you can't go wrong!

    Here are my stock picks for 2008 (some already form a part of my online portfolio which I will continue discussing next week):

    1. African Bank Investments Limited - ABIL
    2. Stefanutti & Bressan - S&B
    3. Famous Brands - Fambrands
    4. Vox Telecom - VOX
    5. SABMiller - SAB

    Let me know what you think of my choices and submit your own top 5 stock picks for 2008. We'll publish them on this blog and at the end of the year we'll review our readers' choices and see who performed the best in 2008!

    Email your stock picks to editor@marketviews.co.za.

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    Comment from: Babs Reddy [Visitor] Email
    My top 5 stocks for 2008:

    1. Telkom
    2. Woolies
    3. JD Group
    4. Standard bank
    5. Goldfields
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-09 @ 18:05
    Comment from: Marika [Member] Email
    David Yutar:

    1) Merafe
    2) Vox
    3) Simmers
    4) DRD
    5) Newgold
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-14 @ 14:10
    Comment from: Marika [Member] Email
    Erika Barocsi-Kayser:

    Blue Label Telkoms, Simmers, Afdawn, Abil and Celcom.
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-14 @ 14:11
    Comment from: Big B [Visitor] Email
    How about a bit of speculation - Matodzi.

    JD Group
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-15 @ 15:20
    Comment from: Marika [Member] Email
    Malcolm T:

    DRD Gold
    Diamond Core Resources
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-15 @ 15:28
    Comment from: Andrew [Visitor] Email
    MY FIVE FOR 2008

    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-16 @ 09:38
    Comment from: Marika [Member] Email
    E. Haacke:

    1. Investec PLC
    2. Gbgold
    3 Imuniti
    4. Vox telekom
    5. Coronation F M
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-16 @ 09:40
    Comment from: Marika [Member] Email
    Allan McMillan:

    Group 5
    Basil Read
    WG Wearn
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-17 @ 11:05
    Comment from: Melusi Moloi [Visitor] Email
    M&R holdings
    Standard bank
    investec plc
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-18 @ 09:35
    Comment from: JC [Visitor] Email
    Standard Bank
    JD Group
    Group 5
    Rainbow Chicken
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-20 @ 23:19
    Comment from: jacques Nell [Visitor] Email
    Gooderson Leisure
    African Bank
    Vox Telecoms
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-21 @ 13:36
    Comment from: Josh Greenberg [Visitor] Email
    My Stock Picks for 2008:

    - Blue Label Telecoms
    - Stefanutti & Bressan
    - M&R holdings
    - Merafe
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-22 @ 09:16
    Comment from: Marika [Member] Email
    Jacques Nell:

    African Bank
    Vox Telecom
    Gooderson Leisure
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-22 @ 09:26
    Comment from: Marika [Member] Email

    Durban Deep (now DRDGold)
    African Bank Investments Limited
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-22 @ 09:59
    Comment from: Marika [Member] Email
    Dawie Bredenkamp:

    ENALENI (enl)
    PPC (ppc)
    Value (vle)
    SABmiller (SAB)
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-01-22 @ 15:22
    Comment from: Marika [Member] Email
    PD Selahle:

    2.Murray and Roberts (MRHLD)
    PermalinkPermalink 2008-04-08 @ 09:01
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