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    Sharenet proud to announce smart phone applications for Blackberry and Android

    Sharenet is proud to announce that its Android and Blackberry applications are now available FREE through the Android (South Africans only) and Blackberry marketplaces respectively. To download directly, you can click on the appropriate link on our www.sharenet.mobi website through your phone.

    Steve Tester, head of IT at Sharenet commented on the applications by saying that “They were designed to cater for the professional who is on the move and who needs quick access to stock market information. Both applications support a wide range of screen sizes and is compatible with tablets and all phones running the Android version 2.0 and above, or blackberry version 5.”

    Customers can access JSE listed share price information including high and low data, best buy, sell and volume traded information all on a 15-minute delayed basis. Whether users want to follow international news headlines, keep abreast of local company news or follow the forex market, it is all available through the user-friendly and smart design of the Sharenet applications.

    Sharenet’s Blackberry application developer, international SNOM XML-Applications award winner Shaun Crous, feels that aesthetics is a key ingredient in designing a popular, frequently used application and regards the Sharenet release as “slick, trendy and very professional.” He also says that “while apps like these are available for foreign markets, I haven’t been able to find one that does what we’re doing for the South African market, until now!”

    A distinguishing feature on the Android application is the individual watchlist/portfolio that users can build and monitor – a way to quickly view all shares of interest in one easily maintained table. Watch out Blackberry users, it’s coming your way too, very soon!

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