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    Sharenet proud to announce smart phone applications for Blackberry and Android

    Sharenet is proud to announce that its Android and Blackberry applications are now available FREE through the Android (South Africans only) and Blackberry marketplaces respectively. To download directly, you can click on the appropriate link on our www.sharenet.mobi website through your phone.

    Steve Tester, head of IT at Sharenet commented on the applications by saying that “They were designed to cater for the professional who is on the move and who needs quick access to stock market information. Both applications support a wide range of screen sizes and is compatible with tablets and all phones running the Android version 2.0 and above, or blackberry version 5.”

    Customers can access JSE listed share price information including high and low data, best buy, sell and volume traded information all on a 15-minute delayed basis. Whether users want to follow international news headlines, keep abreast of local company news or follow the forex market, it is all available through the user-friendly and smart design of the Sharenet applications.

    Sharenet’s Blackberry application developer, international SNOM XML-Applications award winner Shaun Crous, feels that aesthetics is a key ingredient in designing a popular, frequently used application and regards the Sharenet release as “slick, trendy and very professional.” He also says that “while apps like these are available for foreign markets, I haven’t been able to find one that does what we’re doing for the South African market, until now!”

    A distinguishing feature on the Android application is the individual watchlist/portfolio that users can build and monitor – a way to quickly view all shares of interest in one easily maintained table. Watch out Blackberry users, it’s coming your way too, very soon!

    Permalink2011-02-23, 15:15:00, by Natalie Email , 21 comments
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    Comment from: Maneesh [Visitor]
    This post was very helpful. I have been using the android applications for almost a year now and I must say that android application developers have actually made android a very flexible OS.
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-02-24 @ 07:15
    Comment from: yusuf [Visitor] Email
    this program doesnt work well for the blackberry storm, as hte previous version could. the stocks do not select, and also it doesnt allow to see the details for a certain stock. only the main screens are available, and the news selections cannot be accessed. please sort these out asap as there is no point in having an app that worked wonderfuly before, and now is just taking up space on the phone.
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-03-01 @ 14:13
    Comment from: Natalie [Member] Email
    Thank you for your favourable review Maneesh, we're thrilled that you like the application, thank you for supporting Sharenet.

    Thanks also to Yusuf for your response, our IT department have as a result tweaked the coding and you should find now that the application works well with your version of Blackberry. Not bad turnaround time wouldn't you say? :)

    Kind regards
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-03-01 @ 17:41
    Comment from: Itai [Visitor] Email
    When can we expect an iPhone and iPad app?
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-03-06 @ 17:16
    Comment from: Natalie [Member] Email
    Thank you for your question Itai.

    Our IT department has already started developing an app for Iphones and hope to release it within the next couple of months.

    Kind regards
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-03-07 @ 13:27
    Comment from: MikeG [Visitor] Email
    Hi, tried to download BB applet as suggested on your page, but get an error: Http error 413: Request entity too large (explanation: "the page you requested could not be loaded. Please try loading a different page"
    any advise??
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-03-09 @ 14:40
    Comment from: mohamed [Visitor] Email
    Will I be able to view live JSE share prices on my black berry?
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-05-31 @ 18:44
    Comment from: Natalie [Member] Email
    RE: Mohamed

    This particular application is available to Blackberry users, yes. However, it is for 15-minutes delayed data, not LIVE. The current application is available free of charge, but a LIVE version will be released soon (at a monthly cost/subscription).

    Kind regards
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-06-02 @ 10:15
    Comment from: Gary [Visitor] Email
    Tried to download the BB application on 9800 Touch Version 6 but BB App indicated that it was not compatible. Are they going to release an updated version that run on version 6?
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-06-22 @ 12:24
    Comment from: MikeG [Visitor] Email
    Sharenet for BB great, however struggle with WATCHLIST: try to select share GDO (Gold1) give me result of MSCI-UK ??
    Any way to increase font size? (for "old peole" with weak eyesight...:)
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-06-23 @ 08:54
    Comment from: Natalie [Member] Email
    RE: MikeG

    Thanks for bringing GDO to our attention, you should find that it is now working properly. We will be looking into bigger font sizes as well shortly.

    Kind regards
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-06-23 @ 11:53
    Comment from: Natalie [Member] Email
    RE: Gary

    Dear Gary

    We have investigated your error but could not find any problems on our side. It does work on the BlackBerry 9800 Touch v6.
    We recommend that you clear your cache on the BlackBerry device to remove all old temporary internet files.

    Please follow the steps below to do this:

    Click on the BB button to open your menu.
    Browse to your Browser icon and open it.
    Click again on the BB button and choose Options
    Click on Cache Operations
    Under Content Cache, click on Clear
    Click back all the way till you are on your home screen.

    If you did download the Sharenet App, please remove the Sharenet App through the App World.

    To remove all temporary files on the BB device, please shut down your device,
    remove battery, leave out for 10-15 seconds, insert battery and switch on again.

    To install the app again, please follow the url below on your device to download our application or search through the App World:

    If you still have troubles, please email us the following details and we will look further into the matter:
    Device (eg. Curve 5820, Storm II)
    Version (eg.,
    Carrier (eg. MTN, Vodacom, CellC)
    Pin Number (Optional)
    Any additional behaviour or exact error messages on the device.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any further queries.

    Sharenet Development Department
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-06-23 @ 12:22
    Comment from: Ken [Visitor] Email
    HOw can I remove a company from the watchlist on Android, Samsung Ace
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-07-18 @ 12:09
    Comment from: Natalie [Member] Email
    RE: Ken

    To remove an item from the Watchlist you simply need to press the red X on the far right hand side column.
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-07-19 @ 11:39
    Comment from: Derek [Visitor] Email
    Very nice Application. I'm wondering if sharent will release a stock ticker widget for the Andriod desktop.

    PermalinkPermalink 2011-10-14 @ 06:59
    Comment from: Natalie [Member] Email
    RE: Derek

    We will be looking at adding live feed streaming capability in future releases of our mobile apps and will certainly look at including a widget for the Android version.

    Sharenet team
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-10-17 @ 10:31
    Comment from: scott [Visitor] Email
    i have a user with blackberry 9300, when trying to run sharenet i get and error " connection timout "
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-10-28 @ 14:47
    Comment from: TS [Visitor]
    I experienced the same problem as gary.Thank you for clearing me out. A wonderful blog you have here.
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-10-31 @ 15:10
    Comment from: Des [Visitor] Email
    I cannot add to the watchlist on Samsung 10.1 pad.
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-12-12 @ 15:05
    Comment from: Natalie [Member] Email
    Dear Des

    To add items to the watchlist the user would need to search for the share details in the Quotes tab then press the Galaxy Tab Menu button on the tablet. It can be found towards the bottom of the screen and is represented by the button with the horizontal lines one under the other. On pressing the Menu button an onscreen menu will appear where the user will then be able to select add to Watchlist.

    Kind regards
    Sharenet Team
    PermalinkPermalink 2011-12-12 @ 16:27
    Comment from: joe dos santos [Visitor] Email
    hi there , when can we have the app available for the bb playbook , would really be usefull
    PermalinkPermalink 2012-01-26 @ 10:16

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