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    Quickstream 2.6 Beta released

    We are pleased to announce that Quickstream 2.6 beta is now available for Quickstream subscribers who wish to try it out prior to the release.

    Quickstream is our real-time streaming application that brings all your JSE information and trading requirements together where you need them - on your desktop.

    You can download it from www.sharenet.co.za/quickstream/QuickStreamInstaller2_6_Beta.exe

    If you have any problems please re-install the previous version from www.sharenet.co.za/quickstream/

    New features in 2.6 include:
    * Vertical Ticker
    * Forex and Spots tabs
    * Major movers and most active tabs
    * Trading stats window
    * Last trade time added to portfolios and indices
    * Combined code entry and name search system - you can now enter a code, a name or part of a name, if a match can not be found a list of suggestions are shown.
    * Extra icons are present for some of the new features and tool tips now show if you hover over an icon
    * The status field goes red to indicate if its logging in
    * The system will notify you when you login if a new version is available
    * Preferences tabs have been improved to cater for new options

    Fixes that were made include:
    * Removed volume axis from indices instead of showing 0.000000
    * SENS window is now saved correctly in workspace
    * Fixed bug with indices graphs not updating
    * Fix bug with SENS not updating

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