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This is the Sharenet company blog where we will bring you the latest news and events on the go at Sharenet, together with tips on using our site and our products.

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    Sharenet's New Subscription Rates for 2007

    As a result of changes in the JSE's REAL-TIME pricing structure for 2007 and the introduction of differentiation between professional and non-professional users, we are please to announce a number of price reductions for private investors. There are also unfortunately some price increases for professional users. Note that this only affects subscriptions with REAL-TIME prices. Download and delayed price services are NOT affected. In due course when you login you will receive a form to select your classification as either professional or non-professional.

    All rates are monthly ex VAT and will come into effect from 1 Jan 2007. The first debit at these new rates will occur on the last working day
    of December.

    The new rates for non-pro users are as follows:

    LevelOld Rate New Non Pro Rate Comments
    Market Tools
    Market Tools Plus
    Quickstream 371.00 275.00 
    Premium 461.00 379.00 
    Trade 42.40 42.40 See new features
    Trade Plus
    136.00 99.00 See new features

    Professional users:

    Under the new rates schedule we will only be offering our Premium level to professional users at R541. No other real-time pricing levels will be available.




    • R99 per month (subject to having an active online trading account with us)
    • Full unlimited live prices with same features as Market Tools Plus
    • If you maintain an monthly balance of over R50 000 in your trading account and spend more than R1 000 per month on brokerage (averaged over 3 months) then the following features are also included:

      • Quickstream - streaming live prices to your desktop
      • Consensus forecasts
      • Share searcher
      • Detailed Fundamentals
      • Unit Trust holdings information
      • Unit Trust fundamentals
      • Java technical analysis charts online with historical and 10min tick
      • Enhanced CSV


    Our online trading subscription will now include all of the following:

    • FREE live prices (from live credits balance)
    • Consensus forecasts
    • Quick Fundamentals
    • Stop Loss System
    • Price and SENS alerts via email/SMS
    • Java Technical analysis charting online
    • SIMEX trading simulator
    • Learning Center
    • 35% Course discounts
    • Free access to our seminars in JHB and CT
    • History CSV downloads


    A comparision of all our current levels is available here


    The more you trade, the more live prices you may view. If you subscribe to any
    Sharenet live price service then these livecredits are not applicable to you. Livecredits allocated can be viewed in the Trade Admin menu and
    optionally switched to delayed mode in order to conserve points for use when
    actively trading.

    Livecredits will be allocated as follows:

    • 32 Livecredits for every R1000 of total holdings/cash
    • 32 Livecredits for every R1000 traded

    Livecredits will be
    utilised as follows:

    • One real-time price lookup will equal 1 Livecredit
    • One market depth lookup will equal 2 Livecredits


    • Current cash Balance: R7000 (7x32 points)
    • Total value of share holdings: R29000 (29x32 points)
    • Total value of trades done in the last 3 months: R40 000 (40x32 points)
    • Thus a total of 2432 points would be allocated.

    Each night Sharenet's systems will re-calculate Livecredits
    based on the last 3 months trading and allocate price lookups accordingly. Please note that if the number of Livecredits left is less than
    1, then prices will switch automatically to delayed mode until the next trade is




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    What new features do you want?

    Sharenet has always been very responsive to requests from clients to tweak our systems here and there and add new features. Over the 5 years this version of the site has existed and over the 18 years we have been in business a lot has been achieved, making Sharenet probably the most featured packed financial site in SA, if not the world. (Yes we have had great comments from overseas clients too).

    We would like to ask you all to think carefully about what you would like to see in the areas of:

    • New Information
    • New ways of searching data
    • News ways of displaying data
    • Extra bells and whistles you would like to see on current pages
    • Trading of new instruments or other markets

    Add your comments to this blog and/or email support@sharenet.co.za?Subject=Suggestion_Box

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    Quickstream 2.6 Beta released

    We are pleased to announce that Quickstream 2.6 beta is now available for Quickstream subscribers who wish to try it out prior to the release.

    Quickstream is our real-time streaming application that brings all your JSE information and trading requirements together where you need them - on your desktop.

    You can download it from www.sharenet.co.za/quickstream/QuickStreamInstaller2_6_Beta.exe

    If you have any problems please re-install the previous version from www.sharenet.co.za/quickstream/

    New features in 2.6 include:
    * Vertical Ticker
    * Forex and Spots tabs
    * Major movers and most active tabs
    * Trading stats window
    * Last trade time added to portfolios and indices
    * Combined code entry and name search system - you can now enter a code, a name or part of a name, if a match can not be found a list of suggestions are shown.
    * Extra icons are present for some of the new features and tool tips now show if you hover over an icon
    * The status field goes red to indicate if its logging in
    * The system will notify you when you login if a new version is available
    * Preferences tabs have been improved to cater for new options

    Fixes that were made include:
    * Removed volume axis from indices instead of showing 0.000000
    * SENS window is now saved correctly in workspace
    * Fixed bug with indices graphs not updating
    * Fix bug with SENS not updating

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    Welcome to the Sharenet corporate blog

    According to Wikipedia a blog is "a website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order." So our corporate blog is a kind of diary of events and happenings at Sharenet, to keep our customers and others informed of new product developments, new features and items of general interest.

    Thanks to the opensource b2evolution software we are using to run the blog, its very easy for us do things and makes a nice easy way for us to communicate. We hope to be able to post items here fairly regularly and that they will prove interesting.

    Our Marketviews team will also be using blogs in the re-launch of a brand new Marketviews that is due out later this month. Its going to be very exciting for us and for readers!

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    Win a 7 night cruise for 2

    We like to run competitions every now and again to get some interest going and reward our loyal client base. Well we have a great new years prize for our next winner! Sharenet and Starlight cruises is offering you the chance to win a 7 night New Year’s cruise for two on the luxurious Melody cruise liner.
    Just to ensure you can keep up this kind of lifestyle, to enter the competition you need to purchase our JSE course!

    For more details please click here

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    Quickshare gives faster access to more information

    Some weeks ago we launched a new design for our Quickshare page. The response to this new look has been great and views have skyrocketed.

    The main aim of the Quickshare, which can be accessed by putting in either a share code or part of the name in the box on the top left of the home page, is to give anyone access to a quick summary of pertinent information about any JSE listed company. On the left menu we have now added links to make it easy to drill down into even more information, such as charts, technical analysis, dividend info, news, fundamentals and forecasts. There are also actionable items such as trading or adding SMS alerts.

    Of course not all this information is available free, but please explore as some of it is!

    We made a further enhancement to Quickshare today. When ever you search, you get a list of possible matches, even when there is only one match. This annoying feature has been fixed and it will now go directly to the share if there is only one possible match to the name or code you entered.

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    Starting with basic investment principals

    Whether you're new to investing and aren't sure where to start or you've been investing for a while but want to learn more about the JSE, you've come to the right place! Starting with basic investment principals, our course (authored by a professional asset manager) will systematically guide you towards making sound investment decisions. Find out what other people are saying about our course.

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