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This is the Sharenet company blog where we will bring you the latest news and events on the go at Sharenet, together with tips on using our site and our products.

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    iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible app now available

    Sharenet is proud to announce the release of its new Sharenet application, designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad and iPod touch.

    The user will be able to view a spot screen of the most popular indices, commodities, world markets and even forex rates, all at a 15 minute delay and for free!

    The app is available through the iTunes App Store at the following link:

    The application will also allow the user to custom create a watch-list of shares, commodities and indices. The personalised watch-list will display the price, move for the day and move percentage and if selected will provide a more in-depth look at the shares' trading details (chart, high/low information, volume traded and best buy and sell order).

    Especially useful for professionals who are on the go but need to stay on top of the markets and their portfolios, this application is the perfect companion.

    A free news feed will soon be added to complete the package - so watch this space!

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    SharenetCFDs: The lowest rates in South Africa!

    SharenetCFDs in association with IG Markets is extremely excited to announce a phenomenal 43% cut in our rates. Trade equity CFDs at only 0.2% commission, subject to a R100 minimum charge per trade. This offer is available to every one of our clients no matter how big your account size. We have slashed our rates by 15 basis points!

    Start saving tens of thousands of rands in commission by trading with SharenetCFDs. Open an account today at www.sharenetcfds.co.za or by calling 021 700 4800.

    Supercharge your trading!

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    Sharenet proud to announce smart phone applications for Blackberry and Android

    Sharenet is proud to announce that its Android and Blackberry applications are now available FREE through the Android (South Africans only) and Blackberry marketplaces respectively. To download directly, you can click on the appropriate link on our www.sharenet.mobi website through your phone.

    Steve Tester, head of IT at Sharenet commented on the applications by saying that “They were designed to cater for the professional who is on the move and who needs quick access to stock market information. Both applications support a wide range of screen sizes and is compatible with tablets and all phones running the Android version 2.0 and above, or blackberry version 5.”

    Customers can access JSE listed share price information including high and low data, best buy, sell and volume traded information all on a 15-minute delayed basis. Whether users want to follow international news headlines, keep abreast of local company news or follow the forex market, it is all available through the user-friendly and smart design of the Sharenet applications.

    Sharenet’s Blackberry application developer, international SNOM XML-Applications award winner Shaun Crous, feels that aesthetics is a key ingredient in designing a popular, frequently used application and regards the Sharenet release as “slick, trendy and very professional.” He also says that “while apps like these are available for foreign markets, I haven’t been able to find one that does what we’re doing for the South African market, until now!”

    A distinguishing feature on the Android application is the individual watchlist/portfolio that users can build and monitor – a way to quickly view all shares of interest in one easily maintained table. Watch out Blackberry users, it’s coming your way too, very soon!

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    Rates adjustment for 2011

    Dear Client

    Every year, the JSE reviews their pricing and as of 1 January 2011, they will be instituting an increase. Due to these and other rising costs, Sharenet wishes to announce that with effect from 1 January 2011 all our rates will be increasing by 9%.

    At Sharenet, we continually strive to maintain excellence in our service and to enhance our product offerings, adding more data and features where we can. 2010 was particularly exciting as we unveiled our SharenetCFDs offering to a great reception and we are on the verge of launching a complimentary trading and investing research subscription package through our new partners, PowerStocks Research.

    We welcome any and all suggestions which could help us improve our service to our clients and encourage you to send these through to support@sharenet.co.za

    Thank you for your continued support and business.

    The Sharenet team

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    Improved news section

    Sharenet has improved its news section dramatically by developing a dedicated news page that allows users to group news according to the following categories:

    Local SA business items, US business, African news, European news, Asian headlines, breaking FOREX-related news and international breaking stories. Our SENS items can still be located in the SENS news section and remains unaffected by this change.

    To further aid our readers we have added keyword search functionality and we will continue to ensure that the most up-to-date and helpful news is displayed in the relevant categories. Try it out by clicking here

    Sharenet sources its news from Reuters and company results news from Profile.

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    Introducing SharenetCFDs

    We have responded to the many calls from our clients to establish a CFD offering that offers excellent service, reliability and competitive rates.

    We have delivered. Welcome to the next generation of trading

    We can proudly say that SharenetCFDs is the premier choice. Not only is it built on Sharenet’s ethos and foundations of transparency, customer service and IT excellence, but also capitalises on international expertise, partnering with IG Markets in the UK.

    The platform is incredibly easy to use, is lightening quick and incorporates technical analysis tools and advanced charting in real time.

    For more information visit www.sharenetcfds.co.za

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    Rates adjustment for 2010

    Dear Client

    Every year, the JSE reviews their pricing and as of 1 January 2010, they will be instituting an increase. Due to these and other rising costs, Sharenet wishes to announce that with effect from 1 January 2010 all our rates will be increasing by 8%.

    At Sharenet, we continually strive to maintain excellence in our service and to enhance our product offerings, adding more data and features where we can. We welcome any and all suggestions which could help us improve our service to our clients. These suggestions can be sent to support@sharenet.co.za

    Thank you for your continued support and business.

    The Sharenet team

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    For those that would like to access some of our more popular pages on your mobile phone, we have made sharenet.mobi available.

    The sharenet.mobi service has the latest sens news, spot prices and Quickshare available.

    Simple type sharenet.mobi into the browser on your cell phone.

    If this does not work, then your phone is possibly not able to display HTML pages, in which case you can use our SMS service.

    For more details please see http://www.sharenet.co.za/v3/mobile.php

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    Java Charts Upgrade!

    The Java Chart facility, available to all subscribers, has recently been upgraded. We are also currently upgrading the “Intra-day” version and once completed, we will notify all our members.

    Once logged in, simply click the “Graphs & Charts” link situated in the side menu, to the left of your browser or, in your address bar enter in the following URL address: www.sharenet.co.za/charts
    A page should then load up with a heading that reads, “Java Technical Analysis Charts Plus”.

    I am pleased to report that the following improvements have now been made to this link:

    1- When using the “Find a Share Code” option, simply clicking on a name that was found will load it up in your chart. Of course this new feature makes finding and loading shares so much easier. On dial up connections (56K modems), this may take a few seconds.

    2- Please note, that an option has been made available which allows the user to save the chart image as a “png” file. To do this simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Save as Image” button. The graph currently under view will then be saved. This file can then be emailed or even used in an office document.

    3- Furthermore, printing of the chart can now also be done immediately by simply selecting the print icon which is the last icon on the bottom left.

    4- In respect to “Preferences” and “Studies”, the option to both save and load has now been added to Studies as well. Remember, “Preferences” relate to the system as a whole, while “Studies” relate to individual shares.

    So, for example, you can now set different moving averages for each share, save your studies and then on your next visit simply load your settings and the program will remember the different moving averages for each and every share as you saved them.

    5- You may also have noticed that the default indicators are now set to RSI and MACD, this change was made due to the fact that these indicators are the most widely used.

    6- Also included in the list of improvements is a drop down menu situated next to the scrolling buttons on the top of the toolbar that allows the user to alter the period from which the data is taken. The default is set to 6 months, but by simply clicking one of the options in the drop down menu, data for 1 month (1m), 3 months (3m), 1 year (1y), 2years (2y), 3 years (3y), 5 years (5y), 10 years (10y) and a final option of “All” can now be selected.

    Extra enhancements include:
    • New indicators: Elder-ray Bear Power, Elder-ray Bull Power, Pivot Points and DMA (Displaced Moving Average)
    • Support for multiple exponential average lines
    • Extended Fibonacci Retracements
    • Easy drawing of trend channels and parallel lines

    Finally, please note that by right clicking on the chart itself, a menu pops up which also displays several options worth familiarizing oneself with.

    I hope that all these improvements enhance your Sharenet experience and if there are any other tools you would like to see added, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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    Starting Out?

    Are you new to trading and don't have a clue where to start? We've come to your aid with our handy guide to online trading with Sharenet and the JSE!

    From signing up with a broker to explaining the ins-and-outs of trading online, we've got all your questions covered...

    Click HERE for more!

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