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This is the Sharenet company blog where we will bring you the latest news and events on the go at Sharenet, together with tips on using our site and our products.

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    Improved news section

    Sharenet has improved its news section dramatically by developing a dedicated news page that allows users to group news according to the following categories:

    Local SA business items, US business, African news, European news, Asian headlines, breaking FOREX-related news and international breaking stories. Our SENS items can still be located in the SENS news section and remains unaffected by this change.

    To further aid our readers we have added keyword search functionality and we will continue to ensure that the most up-to-date and helpful news is displayed in the relevant categories. Try it out by clicking here

    Sharenet sources its news from Reuters and company results news from Profile.

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    Introducing SharenetCFDs

    We have responded to the many calls from our clients to establish a CFD offering that offers excellent service, reliability and competitive rates.

    We have delivered. Welcome to the next generation of trading

    We can proudly say that SharenetCFDs is the premier choice. Not only is it built on Sharenet’s ethos and foundations of transparency, customer service and IT excellence, but also capitalises on international expertise, partnering with IG Markets in the UK.

    The platform is incredibly easy to use, is lightening quick and incorporates technical analysis tools and advanced charting in real time.

    For more information visit www.sharenetcfds.co.za

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    New share performance page

    To all Sharenet users:

    We have taken into account the many calls for 12 month high and low information to be re-instituted.

    As a result we have develeoped a page that now gives that same information and more, adding 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 1,2,3,6 months and 1,2,3,5 year intervals.

    If there is any other information you would like to see added to this section, please don't hesitate to suggest improvements.

    Find this page by clicking "Share Performance" in the left navigation menu when on any Quickshare page. "Share Performance" can be found under the heading, "Data" and is the third item down.

    Yours sincerely
    The Sharenet team

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    Welcome to the Sharenet corporate blog

    According to Wikipedia a blog is "a website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order." So our corporate blog is a kind of diary of events and happenings at Sharenet, to keep our customers and others informed of new product developments, new features and items of general interest.

    Thanks to the opensource b2evolution software we are using to run the blog, its very easy for us do things and makes a nice easy way for us to communicate. We hope to be able to post items here fairly regularly and that they will prove interesting.

    Our Marketviews team will also be using blogs in the re-launch of a brand new Marketviews that is due out later this month. Its going to be very exciting for us and for readers!

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    Quickshare gives faster access to more information

    Some weeks ago we launched a new design for our Quickshare page. The response to this new look has been great and views have skyrocketed.

    The main aim of the Quickshare, which can be accessed by putting in either a share code or part of the name in the box on the top left of the home page, is to give anyone access to a quick summary of pertinent information about any JSE listed company. On the left menu we have now added links to make it easy to drill down into even more information, such as charts, technical analysis, dividend info, news, fundamentals and forecasts. There are also actionable items such as trading or adding SMS alerts.

    Of course not all this information is available free, but please explore as some of it is!

    We made a further enhancement to Quickshare today. When ever you search, you get a list of possible matches, even when there is only one match. This annoying feature has been fixed and it will now go directly to the share if there is only one possible match to the name or code you entered.

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