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This is the Sharenet company blog where we will bring you the latest news and events on the go at Sharenet, together with tips on using our site and our products.

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    Edit order and add a stop-loss

    Sharenet Securities are pleased to announce that their clients are now able to place stop-loss orders as well edit existing orders.

    A stop-loss order is an order placed to sell a security when it reaches a certain price designed to limit an investor’s loss on a position. A stop-loss order takes the emotion out of trading decisions and can be especially handy when one cannot watch his/her position.

    In the past if you wanted to edit the price, quantity or expiry date of an order, clients had to cancel and re-enter the order. But not anymore. Clients can simply hit the edit icon to change an order’s parameters. Add or reduce order quantity or modify the expiration time/date and do all of this without jeopardising your time priority of that order.

    To find out more visit www.sharenetsecurities.co.za

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    iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible app now available

    Sharenet is proud to announce the release of its new Sharenet application, designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad and iPod touch.

    The user will be able to view a spot screen of the most popular indices, commodities, world markets and even forex rates, all at a 15 minute delay and for free!

    The app is available through the iTunes App Store at the following link:

    The application will also allow the user to custom create a watch-list of shares, commodities and indices. The personalised watch-list will display the price, move for the day and move percentage and if selected will provide a more in-depth look at the shares' trading details (chart, high/low information, volume traded and best buy and sell order).

    Especially useful for professionals who are on the go but need to stay on top of the markets and their portfolios, this application is the perfect companion.

    A free news feed will soon be added to complete the package - so watch this space!

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    Introducing SharenetCFDs

    We have responded to the many calls from our clients to establish a CFD offering that offers excellent service, reliability and competitive rates.

    We have delivered. Welcome to the next generation of trading

    We can proudly say that SharenetCFDs is the premier choice. Not only is it built on Sharenet’s ethos and foundations of transparency, customer service and IT excellence, but also capitalises on international expertise, partnering with IG Markets in the UK.

    The platform is incredibly easy to use, is lightening quick and incorporates technical analysis tools and advanced charting in real time.

    For more information visit www.sharenetcfds.co.za

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    New share performance page

    To all Sharenet users:

    We have taken into account the many calls for 12 month high and low information to be re-instituted.

    As a result we have develeoped a page that now gives that same information and more, adding 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 1,2,3,6 months and 1,2,3,5 year intervals.

    If there is any other information you would like to see added to this section, please don't hesitate to suggest improvements.

    Find this page by clicking "Share Performance" in the left navigation menu when on any Quickshare page. "Share Performance" can be found under the heading, "Data" and is the third item down.

    Yours sincerely
    The Sharenet team

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    New rates for 2009

    Due to an increase in royalty charges from the JSE and other cost increases, Sharenet wishes to announce that with effect from 1 Jan 2009 all our rates will be increasing by 12%.

    The rates that we have now were last changed in January 2007, when we were able to give private investors some decreased rates due reductions in JSE royalties for private users.

    We continue to enhance our product offerings, adding more data and features. We welcome any suggetions which can be sent to support@sharenet.co.za

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    Quickstream 2.6 Beta released

    We are pleased to announce that Quickstream 2.6 beta is now available for Quickstream subscribers who wish to try it out prior to the release.

    Quickstream is our real-time streaming application that brings all your JSE information and trading requirements together where you need them - on your desktop.

    You can download it from www.sharenet.co.za/quickstream/QuickStreamInstaller2_6_Beta.exe

    If you have any problems please re-install the previous version from www.sharenet.co.za/quickstream/

    New features in 2.6 include:
    * Vertical Ticker
    * Forex and Spots tabs
    * Major movers and most active tabs
    * Trading stats window
    * Last trade time added to portfolios and indices
    * Combined code entry and name search system - you can now enter a code, a name or part of a name, if a match can not be found a list of suggestions are shown.
    * Extra icons are present for some of the new features and tool tips now show if you hover over an icon
    * The status field goes red to indicate if its logging in
    * The system will notify you when you login if a new version is available
    * Preferences tabs have been improved to cater for new options

    Fixes that were made include:
    * Removed volume axis from indices instead of showing 0.000000
    * SENS window is now saved correctly in workspace
    * Fixed bug with indices graphs not updating
    * Fix bug with SENS not updating

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