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    In response to: More on Sasol Inzalo

    Zandile [Visitor]
    I would like to know the best time to sell shares?
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    In response to: Components of total return

    babatunde temitope [Visitor]
    Expain the component of total return, should unrealized capital gain/loss be included,the calculation of return
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    In response to: G 20 Summit - Toronto

    Air Jordan [Visitor] · http://www.airjordan.cc
    Good article, I want to keep remarks because it allows writers for being more engaged and for the opportunity to study from each other.
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    In response to: Inflation Slightly Down – Interest Rate on Hold

    Air Jordan shoes [Visitor] · http://www.airjordan.cc
    Wonderful post. After reading your post, I learn something before I don't know. thanks.
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    In response to: Why Dividends Matter to Long Term Investors

    Nick [Visitor] · http://rapidqueen.com
    I have followed all things that you said. Thanks.
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    In response to: Yale Endowment: Spending Policy – Part 1

    santohs kumar [Visitor] · http://hyderabad
    please send me daily morning equity report i dont complete market pls send sir,
    santosh kuamr
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    In response to: GMO Asset Class Return Forecast

    Mike [Member]
    Hi Kim,

    As you will see from GMO's chart, while the real expected returns from growth assets (equities) are below their long term average they are still above cash returns. There is therefore some merit in remaining partially invested.

    Circumstances do change, and so while sitting on cash over the short term can be tolerated, investors must realise that there will become a point when more risk needs to be taken. Sitting in cash indefinitely is the surest way do destroy real wealth.

    I trust that this helps. If you have anymore questions please don't hesitate to contact us on the email address above.

    Kind regards,
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    In response to: GMO Asset Class Return Forecast

    Kim Henry [Visitor]
    Well, if "the real returns from most asset classes over the longer term will be disappointing," as the author suggest, in what shall we invest? Should we just sit on cash?
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    In response to: Money Market Performance

    Travis Hicks [Visitor] · http://fmg2gold.com
    good topic, thank for share!!!!
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    In response to: US Automotive Crisis

    Automotive Accessories [Visitor] · http://automotiveaccessorie-s.com/automotive-accessories
    This is one of the most informative sites that I have seen. Thanks for all the good info
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    In response to: The Yale Endowment Fund

    Registered Investment Advisor [Visitor] · http://www.mzcap.com
    Here is another article about Harvard/Yale endowments' multi-asset class approach. Our firm follows their model.
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    In response to: The Yale Endowment Fund

    J. Emery Thibodeau [Visitor]
    How can I learn more about this fund and are there any investment firms that follow the Yale model?
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    In response to: The Yale Endowment Fund

    Mike [Member]
    Hi Courtney,
    Unfortunately individuals are unable to invest into this endowment, as it's managed purely for Yale's benefit. At Seed Investments we advise and manage our clients' investments on a similar basis, looking to spread their investments across various uncorrelated growth assets. Mike
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    In response to: The Yale Endowment Fund

    courtney ralphs [Visitor]
    how can one invest in this fund i am a new fairly unsuccessful trader/investor till now but i am seeking to change that any advisement or guidance would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time...courtney
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    In response to: Investment Strategy

    Investing Money Strategies [Visitor] · http://www.investingmoneystrategies.com
    This blog is relevant to Investing Money Strategies that always one might think of the future and must desire for the long term goals.
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    In response to: 2008 Budget Speech

    ian [Member]
    looks good
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