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    In response to: Global markets strengthen on hopes for further stimulus

    Tips [Visitor]
    Good, sharenet! Now, some of our clients are speculating that the price of gold will rise in the future. And we have other clients who are speculating that the price of gold will fall. They place their orders with us, and we buy or sell their gold for them.
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    In response to: JSE slides as international markets weaken on profit taking

    kathy garolsky [Visitor]

    Good Day, i just want you to know that i really enjoy looking around in your website
    and thanks for sharing information

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    In response to: Dubai debt problems rock world markets

    bath mateus [Visitor]
    Very nice posting. Thanks.
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    In response to: JSE up, up and away thanks to Commodities this morning

    Sean Rushforth [Visitor]
    Gold prices have today hit a record high

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    In response to: Positive economic and employment data from the US boost global markets

    Currency Wiz [Visitor] · http://www.currency-converter.co.za/
    Thanks for the info, it is good to sea the Rand is getting stronger, or at least for me it is. I heard the gold and platinum mines are in big trouble because of this! Let's hope this does not affect our economy on a negative scale
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    In response to: Equity markets fairly flat; focus on US Fed’s interest rate decision

    reporter.shareholder [Visitor]
    The Super Group share price makes no sense, I can only conclude that the share price is being manipulated to make the takeover bid / life line look bad. Volumes are extremely thin below the average move therefore can not be taken into consideration.
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    In response to: Interest rate cut and strong oil price strengthen the rand and commodity markets

    free pai gow games [Visitor] · http://www.paigowoverview.com/
    This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really believe you will do much better in the future . Good job web master .
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    In response to: MTN reaps major gains on talks of partnership with Bharti Airtel; JSE fairly flat

    Sello Sesinye [Visitor] · http://I'm Interested in the MTN Shares

    I'm interested in the MTN shares, how do I buy. Please advice. Where can I get the information, eg. in post office, in order to read more about this shares.



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    In response to: Gold Price Soars

    Zakiyya [Visitor] · http://zussuph@yahoo.com
    Please send me the gold prices for South Africa from the 18 May to 22 May 2009
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    In response to: Rand strengthens as risk appetites improve

    henry [Visitor]
    love your site-just what i needed!! now reply to my email i send this morning!!!!
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    In response to: JSE may yet recover in line with positive global markets

    Mark [Visitor]
    To Peet Viljoen....

    RE: Pamodzi

    I must say, you were spot on! Down 22% today, to 70c as I type this...

    Any other warnings you want to issue?

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    In response to: Wall Street hits lowest level in 12 years; global markets rattled

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    In response to: Investors flock to gold as economic uncertainty continues

    Peet Viljoen [Visitor]
    Im just curious about Pamodzi Gold share price increase as again on the 2nd of March 2009 the mining operations was stopped deu to strikes at their mining operations in the goldfields deu to non payment of salaries and suppliers. Most of the suppliers didnt receive payment for more than six months! Over 5000 employees didn't receive pay nor the munisipality? Is Pamodzi Gold in a state of no repair as their Freestate operations only produced 47kg of 75% purity gold for month Feb 09 whereas this operation in Jan 08 produced over 340kg per month as per the takeover agreement with Tsitle Mining. Hows it possible that the shareprice can increase from 49 sents per share and peak at R2.20 and then fall back and stabalize to R1.49 in a space of two weeks? This company's assets to liabilities and current state of affairs doesn't justify a share price of R1.49.
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    In response to: Gloomy US employment report weighs on global markets

    Luke [Visitor]
    Good reporting, very nice to see a quick, clear and to the point summary of the morning's movements - Well done and keep it up!
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    In response to:

    sharegyan [Visitor] · http://www.sharegyan.com
    Stock market is a volatile market. Investors are afraid of entering Indian stock market due to such volatile conditions. FII are the one who are selling
    shares like anything. Now we can see some relief rally in the market but still recession can curb the movement of the stock market. In these sort of market investors and
    traders are confused like which stock they should select that is stock selection is the major issue now.

    Have any doubt lets discuss it and help everyone

    Happy Trading,


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    In response to: Collapse of US auto industry bailout knocks markets

    Chicago Attorney [Visitor] · http://www.topchicagoattorneys.com
    Well, the US government finally broke down and gave the Big 3 the money they so desperately wanted. Stocks were up on the news.

    Only time will tell if they can get their act together and resurrect slagging sales.

    100 bucks says come March of 2009 they are back with their hands out, blaming the unions for not giving any concessions. Then Barack will be in the auto business too.
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    In response to: Resources Drag JSE Lower

    Eddie Miller [Visitor] · http://sahobo.blogspot.com
    What will happen as China puts more cars on the road and factories start up because Olympic Games have finished? Will there be a bigger demand for oil from China? If so will the oil price and also commodities start rising in price?
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    In response to: Cautious Market

    eddie louw [Visitor]
    Buy tangible property you can't lose.Paper equities profits will be eaten up by the big boy's.
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    In response to: Flat Day For JSE

    Gilbert Bogopane [Visitor] · http://www.phemelammanape.co.za
    I think that the Royal Bafokeng made a sound decision by terminating the negotiations. The current global economic climate make it difficult for terms set out by Mutual and Federal as part of the transaction conditions. I am certain there'll be better deals along the financil sector that may be pursued by the Community-Based Bafokeng.
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    In response to: JSE Follows Asian Markets Lower

    Thabang Ratema [Visitor] · http://chosen-1-d12@webmail.co.za
    Thank you for your work.I do appreate it,cause i just have an interest to learn more about the stockmarket.I'm 23yrs old,also thinking of taking a course which sharenet offer to learn about inverstment.Any advice you can give for a starter like me.
    thank you.
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